“People tend to view yoga as strict. Maybe because it got stuck with the word discipline at some point. This simply isn’t so, say local instructors. In fact, if you will excuse the pun, yoga is quite flexible…”

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“Ironically, physical movement often helps to still a busy mind. Chitta vritti is a Sanskrit term that roughly translates to “mind fluctuations,” or the constant mental chatter that never seems to stop during waking hours, leaving people mentally fatigued, stressed and overwhelmed. Metaphorically speaking, this is like bouncing out of bed in the morning and attempting a continuous sprint until night…”

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“Local studio turns yoga poses into acrobatic feats”. Yoga dates back to the year 3000 B.C. It has evolved over the years to become a great workout for the mind and body, but you probably have never seen yoga like this before. “Aerial Yoga is a relatively new style of yoga. Sometimes you’ll be doing some flips and acrobatic stuff and sometimes it will be a longer held pose that you usually do on a mat,” said Rachel Wilson of “Om My Yoga” in Camp Hill.

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“Cumberland Co. man cast in ABC show ‘Whodunnit?” Reality shows are all the rage these days, and the newest reality show on ABC stars a Cumberland County man. The show will have you asking “Whodunnit?” Ulysses Wilson of Mechanicsburg was picked to be on the show. The attorney by day spent five weeks in Los Angeles filming the murder mystery. He joined a cast of 13 characters who will try to figure out ‘Whodunnit.